You are planning to create a company in Hong Kong, a branch of a company in Hong Kong or a subsidiary of a company in Hong Kong. Our agents, accountants, lawyers, lawyers in Hong Kong are at your disposal for all requests concerning the creation of an online company in Hong Kong but also the creation of a company branch in Hong Kong as well as the creation of a company subsidiary in Hong Kong .

Formerly British territory, Hong Kong is a very large state, located in the southeast of the People's Republic of China (PRC). It is composed of a fraction of the continental territory and 236 Islands. In 1997, he joined China and became the special administrative region of the PRC, with his own judicial system and his own laws. Hong Kong covers an area of ​​about 1100 km².

Hong Kong has two official languages: Cantonese and English. Indeed, the Hong Kong State has recommended the practice of bilingualism in the territory, in order to enrich commercial relations with foreigners. as well as for entrepreneurs and investors wishing to set up a company in Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong government has an extremely liberal and dynamic economy.

It is renowned worldwide for its stable jurisdiction, especially in matters of companies and investments but also of Hong Kong company creation, the establishment of Hong Kong company branch, the establishment of Hong Kong company subsidiary. On top of that, Hong Kong's favorable tax policy allows foreign investors and entrepreneurs to benefit from a very competitive business environment. 






For all inquiries relating to corporate taxation in Hong Kong, branch in Hong Kong and subsidiary in Hong Kong, our agents, lawyers, lawyers and accountants are at your disposal for all inquiries concerning the incorporation of a business in Hong Kong, the constitution of branch office in Hong Kong or even the constitution of a subsidiary company in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, taxation is the first asset for entrepreneurs and investors and their plans to create a company in Hong Kong. In fact, the Hong Kong government has adopted a tax policy favorable to the growth of Hong Kong. This is characterized by a low tax rate (16,5%) on corporate income in Hong Kong which is good for the Hong Kong company creation.

The ultimate for companies non-resident, is the absence of taxation on income and dividends.

In fact, the Hong Kong tax system follows the "territorial principle", and only income from products in the territory is subject to the imposition of 16,5%. 

With a very liberal economy, Hong Kong offers a favorable business environment for the creation of a company, branch and subsidiary, with a strong and transparent banking system. Repatriation and the inflow of funds are not restricted by the Hong Kong government.

The absence of VAT, business tax, or capital tax, capital gains tax, anticipated tax on dividends, allows investors and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong optimize the profitability of their activities.




To create a company in Hong Kong or a branch and even a subsidiary company in Hong Kong, investors and entrepreneurs often choose to set up a Limited Company (ltd) type company such as "Private Limited Company" (PLC), which is the equivalent of a limited liability company in Hong Kong.

Fidulink offers a complete service for the creation of a company in Hong Kong, the creation of a branch office in Hong Kong, the creation of a subsidiary company in Hong Kong.

The name of the company in Hong Kong is therefore endowed with termination (ltd). For this form of company in Hong Kong, the liability of the shareholders is therefore limited to the amount of shares subscribed for the creation of a company in Hong Kong.

Its specificities are characterized by the limitation of the transfer of shares and the number of partners between 1 and 50 for the creation of company in Hong Kong.

As such our agents, advisers, lawyers and lawyers specializing in the creation of companies in Hong Kong are at your disposal for any inquiries regarding the establishment and management company in Hong Kong.


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In Hong Kong, the approach to setting up a company in Hong Kong is very simple with a flexible legal framework. Indeed, a foreign investor or entrepreneur can be both the main shareholder and director of a ltd.

In addition, the formation of the company does not require any capital, but the shareholder must make a declaration that he will contribute to the capital of the company in Hong Kong (signature of the Article of Association). In addition, the presence of a local secretary is mandatory.


Apart from a stable and simplified legal framework, Hong Kong has many advantages in terms of company formation:


  • Excellent and flexible banking system è ease of opening a secure multi-currency offshore bank account (with a pro account with E-banking for online management)
  • Effective administration
  • Constitution of the company on a limited deadline (10 maximum days)
  • Possibility of anonymity
  • Freedom of enterprise
  • Profits and dividends imposed on 0%


Experts in the creation and management of companies, branch and subsidiary in Hong Kong online. Our agents, Advisors, Lawyers, Jurists are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. 



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    Introduction is opening your company's bank account in Hong Kong with or without moving

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    Your virtual company office in Hong Kong prestigious address and local phone number

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    Create your Hong Kong company branch or Hong Kong company branch with 72 h bank account

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    Opening a physical or web trading bank account with your company in Hong Kong

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    Accounting company in Hong Kong

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    Included in the virtual office formula in Hong Kong

    • Prestige Address in Hong Kong
    • Posting of mail pdf enamel
    • Local phone number
    • Fidulink E Management Area
    Open a bank account for your company in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Company Bank Account

    Opening Hong Kong bank account


    Hong Kong is Asia's leading financial center, with its strong jurisdiction and attractive tax regime, especially for secteur. Thanks to its dynamic and liberal economic situation, the country guarantees a center benefiting from taxation at 0%, ease of company creation in Hong Kong and opening of multi-currency account and confidentiality of bank data.

    In 2011, Hong Kong is the world's leading financial center. Since then, Hong Kong of reference for the creation of a company in Hong Kong and the opening of a bank account in Hong Kong. 

    Fidulink and its agents, lawyers, lawyers and accountants are at your disposal for any inquiries regarding the establishment of a Hong Kong company with opening a bank account in Hong Kong, the creation of a branch in Hong Kong with the opening of a bank account in Hong Kong, the creation of a Hong Kong company subsidiary with opening of a bank account in Hong Kong.


    Open a bank account Company Hong-Kong

    From a legal point of view, Hong Kong applies a single law to all types of companies (Private Limited Company, Unlimited Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Partnership ...).

    It is a liberal and dynamic economy, which encourages investors and entrepreneurs to make profitable their turnover in Hong Kong.

    In terms of tax benefits, the non-taxation of accumulated profits, the absence of withholding tax, capital gains tax and VAT, provides tangible benefits for the opening of a tax break. Hong Kong bank account company.

    With a stable and attractive jurisdiction, interesting economy, respect of banking secrets, it is totally possible to carry out multiple activities abroad. In Hong Kong, companies, branches and subsidiaries or having their activity outside the country are not taxable.

    Benefits open bank account in Hong Kong

    As one of the best financial centers in the world, Hong Kong is home to a hundred or so major banks that may be of interest to you after the company is founded in Hong Kong. The banking sector of the country holds a very high level of security with a very simple regulation.

    Hong Kong is proving to be a prime choice for opening a Bank account Company. Indeed, companies in Hong Kong who set up have the right to open multi-currency corporate bank accounts, with international bank cards.

    Hong Kong Benefits:

    • International bank card 
    • Account security and bank confidentiality guaranteed.
    • No restrictions on bank accounts
    • No proof for all bank transfers.
    • Simple and effective access to e-banking (online account management).


    Open a bank account for your business in Hong Kong 

    • Bank account company
    • Bank Card Visa or Mastercard
    • E Banking
    • Open account remotely
    Hong Kong Company Accounting Service

    Hong Kong Accounting Company

    Accounting Hong Kong company

    Fidulink and its local accountants in Hong Kong offer its clients a business accounting service in Hong Kong, real day-to-day support from an accounting expert in Hong Kong. Companies in Hong Kong are required to keep up-to-date accounts throughout their existence. 

    For all inquiries regarding company, branch and subsidiary accounting in Hong Kong our agents, lawyers and accountant offers a complete service of management and creation of company in Hong Kong.


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    Our firm offers its clients to keep their business accounts in Hong Kong up to date, with the advantage of having an accountant at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00. 

    Accounting service for company in Hong Kong

    Because we know very well that it is important to have a business accounting followed on a daily basis, our accounting department offers a complete formula of company accounting in Hong Kong for companies of all sizes and all activities to make your company creation a reality. in Hong Kong. 

    Tax exemption & Tax optimization company in Hong Kong 

    Fidulink offers a full service of corporate tax exemption in Hong Kong but also a complete optimization formula for the entrepreneur and company based in Hong Kong.


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