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Presentation of Mauritius

Mauritius is part of the Mascarene archipelago with Reunion Island and Rodrigues Island. Mauritius covers an area of ​​nearly 2000km². Port-Louis serves as the capital. The state has more than 1 inhabitants. Internal trade is carried out with the official currency, the Mauritian rupee.

Internal administration and foreign policy

The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister represent the highest executive authorities of the State of Mauritius. The government also ensures the execution of legislative power, jointly with the National Assembly. At the international level, Mauritius is a member of several organizations: the Francophonie, the Commonwealth, WTO, COMESA, IOC, SADC, African Union. Mauritius is also claiming sovereignty over some neighboring islands such as those of the Chagos archipelago. Finally, Mauritius has privileged links with France and the United Kingdom, links created long before independence.

Economic features

After independence, Mauritius has developed by basing its economy on several aspects. Indeed, exports, tourism, industry, energy are part of it. It should also be mentioned that the fields of communication and outsourcing also contribute to strengthening the country's economy. These characteristics are driving more and more entrepreneurs to to create their companies in Mauritius. Moreover, recently, Mauritius has been among the best countries in terms of investment and economic freedom in Africa.



Taxation of companies in Mauritius

Specificities of the Mauritian fiscal system

The tax system of Mauritius appears to be one of the most attractive in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, set up a business in Mauritius provides the entrepreneur with optimal profitability. The tax rate is very low, taxes are few.

The corporation tax is done at a rate of 15%. However, this tax is 0% if the company's main activity is exporting, or if they re-use its profits in exporting. Capital gains are exempt in Mauritius. Income from activities outside the territory of Mauritius is also not taxable. Likewise, dividends from such activities are exempt. It should be noted that there are no inheritance rights or wealth taxes in Mauritius.

In Mauritius, VAT is at the rate of 15%. Some establishments include VAT in the pricing of their goods or services, others do not.

In summary, the incorporation of a company in Mauritius remains largely linked to the flexibility of the tax system in force in the country.

Why create a company in Mauritius?

Incorporation of a company in Mauritius: what are the advantages?


Taxation is certainly a factor that encourages to set up a company in Mauritius. Although profitability is a key element for a business; by being based in Mauritius, other parameters come to optimize the entrepreneurial environment.


It must be known that setting up a business in Mauritius is done very quickly. Indeed, the steps of setting up are done in 48 hours. The costs of setting up the structure remain modest.


In addition, everything was simplified. The manager of the company may be a legal entity or a natural person. He is authorized not to reside in the territory of Mauritius. In addition, business enjoys a great deal of discretion. Associates and officers may not provide information about them.


It should also be known that the keeping of an accountancy is not obligatory in Mauritius. This allows an indirect saving on the staff to be recruited, and reinforces the confidential nature of the activity.


Create my company in Mauritius

Company in Mauritius?

More information on starting a business in Mauritius?

The license for activities in Mauritius

 To set up a company in Mauritius requires obtaining a specific license, the Global Business License 2. The activities of the financier (insurance, banking, etc.) cannot be carried out by a company classified as GBL. The investor should here contact a registrar, when making the setting up his business in Mauritius.


Our experts in business creation and management in Mauritius are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm 



    Bank Account Company

    Introduction is opening your company's bank account in Mauritius with or without moving

    Business Virtual Office

    Your virtual company office in Mauritius in Port-Louis prestige address and local phone number

    Subsidiary or Branch

    Creation of your company subsidiary in Mauritius or Company branch in Mauritius with bank account in 72 h

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    Opening a physical or web trading bank account with your company in Mauritius

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    Onshore / Offshore Company Assembly Specialist Worldwide

    Accounting company in Mauritius

    Accounting and Analytical Accounting of your company in Mauritius


    Included in the virtual office formula in Mauritius

    • Prestige Address in Port Louis
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    • Local phone number
    • Fidulink E Management Area
    Open a bank account for your company in Mauritius

    Mauritius Company Bank Account

    Opening bank account Mauritius

    Mauritius is one of the countries with the best business climate. In other words, the state guarantees the security of investments and these investments have a high potential profitability. Tax policy, as well as the performance of the banking sector, remain among the strengths of the Mauritian business environment. In order to facilitate the management of their business in Mauritian territory, investors choose to open a professional bank account in Mauritius.

    The Mauritian banking sector: the specifics

    The Mauritian banking sector is one of the most active in Africa and the Indian Ocean. In addition to the competition between local institutions, many foreign subsidiaries have been added. The opening of a foreign account in Mauritius will be done in one of these professional banks. In practice, foreign capitalization is a significant part of Mauritian banking assets. In addition to conventional banking services (real estate loans, savings, etc.), wealth management is a strength of the Mauritian banking sector. more than 40 billion euros in 2015. This service explains among other things the establishment of international banks in Mauritius. In addition, there is a regulatory document in which guidelines will enable banking institutions to better bear the financial risks.

    In short, the competitiveness of the sector and the diversity of services characterize the banking sector in Mauritius.

    Why open a bank account in Mauritius?

    Open a bank account in Mauritius remains a step before any entrepreneurial steps in the country. What is more, having a foreign account in Mauritius benefits its holder from other services. The account is accessible and manageable on the Internet. In other words, the foreign account is a online account, in Mauritius. It also works for all transactions, including currencies other than the Mauritian rupee.

    Open a bank account in Mauritius: what are the necessary papers?

    Proof of identity and proof of residence are required to open a bank account in Mauritius. Specifically, a copy of the passport will serve as proof of identity, while the utility bills will be the proof of residence.

    Bank account company in Mauritius

    Open a bank account for your business in Mauritius

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    Company Accounting Service in Mauritius

    Mauritius Company Accounting

    Company Accounting in Mauritius

    Fidulink offers its clients a business accounting service in Mauritius, real daily support from a French-speaking cost accounting expert in Mauritius in Port Louis. Companies in Mauritius must keep up-to-date accounts throughout their existence. 


    Accounting and Company Analysis in Mauritius

    Our firm offers its clients to keep their business accounts in Mauritius up to date, with the advantage of having a French-speaking accountant at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. 

    A daily accounting service for your company in Mauritius

    Because we know well that it is important to have a business accounting followed on a daily basis, our accounting department offers a complete formula of company accounting in Mauritius for companies of all sizes and all activities. 


    Tax exemption & Corporate tax optimization in Mauritius

    Fidulink offers a complete corporate tax exemption service in Mauritius as well as a complete tax optimization formula for entrepreneurs and businesses based in Mauritius.

    Accounting company in Mauritius

    Accounting service for your company in Mauritius

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