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Presentation of Cook Islands

State of the Pacific Ocean, Cook Islands, are autonomous states, but in free association with New Zealand. They consist of 15 islands in the South Pacific. They count around 20 inhabitants, who generally speak two languages: English and Maori. Its main sources of income are agriculture (copra, citrus fruits) and tourism. It is important to note that the Cook Islands welcome nearly 000 foreign tourists each year.


Administration and politics


Being a territory attached to New Zealand, the Queen of the United Kingdom represents the Cook Islands Head of State. Cook Islands is administered by the Prime Minister and ministers appointed by the Queen's Representative. Legislative power is exercised by Parliament.


Although having privileged bilateral relations with New Zealand, the Cook Islands have relations with other great powers: China, the United Kingdom, or Germany. The Cook Islands are also members of WHO, UNESCO and FAO.




Historically, the economy of the Cook Islands is based on tourism. However, the offshore field tends to contribute more to the economic growth of the jurisdiction at present. Many offshore structures currently exist on the islands: banks, insurance companies, and establishments specializing in fund management.


In addition, Cook Islands offers many financial advantages to companies seeking a less restrictive taxation. Measured tax rates and favorable banking laws allow offshore companies to thrive in the Cook Islands.



Taxation of companies in the Cook Islands


What about taxation in the Cook Islands?


In the Cook Islands, all offshore companies operating in its territory are exempt from taxes. That is to say that there is no tax based on turnover. In addition, these offshore companies do not pay any tax on capital gains or dividends. In addition to these privileges, companies are not required to present or even keep accounts.


Cook Islands Companies and Benefits


Except for the exemption on several taxes, the offshore companies incorporated in Cook Islands also benefit from the following advantages:

  • No thin capitalization rules for corporations
  • The director or the shareholder may be a legal or natural person, regardless of his nationality
  • Possibility of having a director and a shareholder to manage the company's business
  • No residency obligation
  • Heritage protection
  • 100% anonymity with the possibility of appointing a Nominee
  • Accounting is not mandatory, nor is a general meeting.


Why create a company in the Cook Islands?

Why create a company in Cook Islands?

How to incorporate a company in Cook Islands


La incorporation of a company in the Cook Islands is possible from any country.To achieve this, foreign investors are brought to use the services of specialized providers, or to professional advisors in the development of an offshore company. Regarding the creation in question, a physical presence in the Cook Islands is not essential. All steps with the authorities can obviously be done remotely through service providers.


Create my Business in the Cook Islands

Company in Cook Islands?

More information on starting a business in the Cook Islands?

The conditions for starting a business in the Cook Islands


For investors who want to set up an offshore company in the Cook Islandsthey are advised to start an offshore business in the form of IBC. It will also require a shareholder, regardless of nationality. In addition to these clauses, the opening of an offshore company in the Cook Islands requires a Director or at least one manager. In this structure, it is not mandatory to block the capital of a company on a bank account.


For the name of the company, the use of the qualifiers "bank" or "trust" is prohibited. The articles of association and documents of a company in the Cook Islands must be drawn up in English. Of course, certified translations are valid.


Our experts in business creation and management in the Cook Islands are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. 



Bank Account Company

Introduction is opening your company's bank account in the Cook Islands with or without moving

Business Virtual Office

Your Virtual Cook Islands Company Office in Avarua Prestigious Address and Local Phone Number

Subsidiary or Branch

Creation of your company subsidiary in Cook Islands or Cook Islands Company Branch with bank account in 72 h


Opening a physical or web trading bank account with your company in the Cook Islands

Onshore / Offshore

Onshore / Offshore Company Assembly Specialist Worldwide

Company Accounting in Cook Islands

Accounting and Accounting Analytics of your business in the Cook Islands

Prestige Address for your company in the Cook Islands

Prestige Virtual Office

Virtual Office for Cook Islands Company


You do not have to move to the country of destination for the creating a company. Have a virtual office presenting the company on the spot may suffice. The layout of your virtual office will be done by us. Thus, for your commercial exchanges with your customers, we put at your disposal an offer which includes all the coordinates with the Cook Islands. This service includes the fax, the business address and the international telephone number. Regarding the area code, you can choose the one that suits you the most.



The coordinates of the virtual office


When setting up your virtual office in the Cook Islands, we will support the online opening of your business details. These will appear as official contact information for your offshore company. They will represent your company in the Cook Islands. In other words, they will serve as domiciliation of your company in the Cook Islands. We will make a periodic reshipment to the name and address you provided us previously. How to benefit from this offer ? Just registering for a 12 month subscription is enough. It will be active (under 5 days maximum), as soon as your payment is effective.


A fax number with an optional area code


An international dialing code is offered with this fax number. By means of this number, you can send and receive faxes according to your needs via the e-mail you have provided. Thus, all your recipients will receive your messages that will carry your fax number. In other words, your virtual office in the Cook Islands allows you to enjoy the services of a fax. To take advantage of this offer, you will simply need to subscribe to 12 months.


A phone number


In addition to these two offers, you also have a phone number. This line is the telephone number of your virtual office in the Cook Islands. With this number, all incoming and outgoing calls will be redirected to your mobile or landline number. You can manage, according to your needs, the message center. Also, voicemail messages stored in your voicemail from your international number will be transferred as an attachment in your email. You can listen and listen to your recorded messages again. In addition, you can also view your messages, via your mobile or landline, with the digital messaging system. A subscription of 12 months gives access to this service. After 5 business days after your payment, it will be active.


Included in the Cook Islands Virtual Office Formula

  • Cook Island Prestige Address
  • Posting of mail pdf enamel
  • Local phone number
  • Fidulink E Management Area
Open a bank account for your company in the Cook Islands

Bank Account Company in Cook Islands

Opening bank account in Cook Islands


The opening of a Bank account aims to enjoy tax benefits. For this, the Cook Islands are a privileged jurisdiction for foreign investors who want to make their professional activities profitable. With its active economy, fiscal strengths and political stability, open up a bank account in the Cook Islands becomes more than interesting.



The banking sector in the Cook Islands: its specificities


Due to the fiscal attractiveness of the country, many foreign investors are opening up a bank account in the Cook Islands. As a result, much of the Cook Islands banking system's capital comes from foreign funds. Several banking institutions specialize in investment management. They each have their singularities, their advantages over each other. However, before opening an account, it is a good idea to call on the expertise of the local bank's experts. They will be able to find an establishment suited to their profile for each client.


The file for opening an account in the Cook Islands

The files to be submitted to the banks for the opening of a bank account in the Cook Islands do not differ from those in other jurisdictions. They require supporting documents, dated less than three months: copy of the directors' identity documents (passport or card), proof of address (electricity or landline bill, etc.), curriculum vitae detailing academic backgrounds and professional leaders. However, companies wishing to open a bank account in the Cook Islands, in addition to the files justifying the identity of the person signing the account, must provide the following documents: the executive summary and the business plan. It is important to note that bank references must also be presented to the establishment, where the investor wishes to open an account.


Costs related to opening a bank account in the Cook Islands


The costs ofopening a bank account in the Cook Islands vary according to the banks. Some institutions charge commissions up to 7,22 euros.

Bank Account Company Cook Islands

Open a bank account for your business in the Cook Islands

  • Bank account company
  • Bank Card Visa or Mastercard
  • E Banking
  • Open account remotely
Cook Islands Company Accounting Service

Cook Islands Company Accounting

Cook Islands Company Accounting 

Fidulink offers its clients a business accounting service in the Cook Islands, real daily support from a French-speaking cost accounting expert in the Cook Islands in Avarua. Companies in Canada are required to keep up-to-date accounts throughout their existence. 



Accounting and Company Analysis in the Cook Islands

Our firm offers its clients to keep their business accounts in the Cook Islands up to date, with the advantage of having a French-speaking accountant at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm. 


An everyday accounting service for your business in the Cook Islands

Because we know well that it is important to have a business accounting followed on a daily basis our accounting department offers a complete formula of company accounting in the Cook Islands for companies of all sizes and all activities. 


Tax exemption & Business tax optimization in the Cook Islands

Fidulink offers a complete business tax exemption service in the Cook Islands but also a complete tax optimization formula for the entrepreneur and business based in the Cook Islands.

Company Accounting in Cook Islands

Accounting service for your business in the Cook Islands

  • declarations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Balance Sheet Edition
  • Accounting analysis
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