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La Ready made Company and the Shelf company

As part of our services we have a service " Ready Made Company »Or« Shelf Company Which is a possibility that you can adopt when setting up a entreprise.

More information on Ready Made Company and the Shelf Company

A Shelf Company can be defined as an enterprise that has been registered with the administrative services. On the other hand, no transaction has ever been executed, and it has no assets. In other words, it is an already existing company that can be exploited immediately. Of course, it is your responsibility to make sure that the Shelf Company or Ready Made Company did not, in fact, ever carry out commercial transactions before your acquisition. If not, you could, for example, have to settle certain debts or liabilities.


¡Ready Made Company works on the same principle. The difference remains at the level of the years of existence. The Shelf Company is a company that has at least 12 months of existence, while a Ready Made Company more like a newly created company. You can opt for the Shelf Company if you want to strengthen the credibility of your company.

The benefits of these types of status

La Shelf Company or Ready Made Company are popular with many investors for a number of reasons. These statuses will allow you to be active quickly. In some cases, they adapt to meet a requirement, particularly for the urgent signature of a contract or partnership. Moreover, they are perfectly suited to the field of offshoring and foreign investors. Since these are pre-existing companies, you already have an identification number.

 What do these benefits include?

If the Shelf Company is supposed to be a structure with a number of months or years in existence, with the Ready Made Companyyou will have the opportunity to create a company that is more like the activity you were hoping to put in place. When creating your company Ready Made CompanyYou will generally be entitled to a business with a denomination chosen by you, depending on the activity, as well as the number of executives decided in your business plan.

In practice, by choosing a Ready Made Company, you will have the following elements: an activity license, an operational accounting system, all the records required for the start of the activity, and the related notary fees, as well as the fiscal stamps.

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