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The Republic of Seychelles is formed by a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar, and about 2000 km east of the African continent. A true jewel of the Indian Ocean, it has managed to exploit all its natural resources while protecting itself from mass tourism. Tourism remains nevertheless with that of fishing. They are the main income generators Seychellois. In addition, the offshore sector is experiencing continued growth in Seychelles. Moreover, successive governments in recent years have strongly encouraged foreigners to set up projects and start a business in Seychelles. Currently, the Seychelles archipelago is one of the most prominent jurisdictions in terms of investment.


The Seychellois business context

The Seychelles enjoy a truly enviable economic stability. They have chosen for years, the policy of encouraging investments, improving the business environment. Very soon, they also intend to facilitate the registration of so-called “offshore” companies and the obtaining of commercial licenses. All of these reasons together suggest that there is no better time than now to open a business in Seychelles.

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Taxation of companies in Seychelles

Taxation in the Seychelles Archipelago

Seychelles taxation is a major factor that encourages international investment. In fact, in the Seychelles archipelago, so-called “offshore” companies do not pay taxes on profits from abroad. To be exempt from taxes in the Seychelles, it is enough not to hold real estate there, and not to exercise any commercial activity on the spot. For this reason, the creation of a company in Seychelles only presents assets for those who wish to do so. In addition, the presentation of financial statements is not mandatory.


Simply put, Seychelles is a destination of choice for the creation of your company or the establishment of your subsidiary or branch. 


The creation of your company in Seychelles in 48 to 72 H 

Why create a company in Seychelles?

The real benefits for those who wish to set up a company in Seychelles

At first glance, a company that is not resident in Seychelles will not pay taxes. For to open a company in Seychelles, no minimum capital is required when registering the company in the Seychelles. A company in the Seychelles can be 100% foreign owned, which is not the case in many countries. All legal activities can be carried out from a so-called “offshore” company in the Seychelles. Starting with the provision of services, the sale of dematerialized goods, e-commerce, stock brokers, consulting companies and even the so-called "offshore" trust. There are no accounting requirements also for companies in the Seychelles. . Bearer shares are possible for so-called “Offshore” companies in the Seychelles. And finally, what has always made the reputation of the Seychelles is the absolute discretion, both for bank details and for the shareholders of the company in Seychelles.


Who can start a business in Seychelles?

Whether entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, service providers, SMEs or SMIs, physically existing companies, consultants, freelancers, webmasters, in short, the creation of a company in Seychelles is for everyone. Only the activities chosen by everyone will make the difference.


Create my business in Seychelles

Company in Seychelles?

Opening a business in Seychelles: what type of company to choose?

The type of so-called “offshore” company most used in the Seychelles is the IBC, also called “International Business Company” or “Seychelles Offshore Company”. Often, over time, the company becomes an LLC. Like any offshore company, it enjoys all the advantages granted to offshore companies in the Seychelles.

However, there are some restrictions to follow. There are three prohibitions. First, it is forbidden to have a commercial activity with local companies. Then, it is not possible for an IBC to buy real estate in Seychelles. Finally, a specific license is required to conduct banking, insurance or other trust-related activities.


Our experts in business creation and management in the Seychelles are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. 


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    Express Creation

    Express creation of your company subsidiary in Seychelles or Company branch in Seychelles with bank account in 72 h

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    Accounting and Accounting Analytics of your business in Seychelles


    Included in the virtual office formula in Seychelles

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    Open a bank account for your company in Seychelles

    Seychelles Company Bank Account

    Opening bank account in Seychelles


    Seychelles owes its success to offshore companies that have multiplied in the archipelago during these 20 last years. Their development has attracted many large banks that have strived to provide quality financial services. The competition is tough and each establishment is always forced to excel. Thus, little by little, these banks have become pillars of the Seychellois economy. 

    Online Banks in Seychelles

    Thanks to the quality of its Internet account management, open a bank account in Seychelles is a child's game. It is not even necessary to move. In addition, professional bank account in Seychelles allows the customer to have an account management via the Internet, all the financial services that a large establishment can offer, working accounts in several currencies, as well as a wide choice of bank cards.


    Open a bank account in Seychelles

    The two main criteria required by the client to open an offshore account are: secrecy and security. And with the Seychelles offshore banks, these two requirements are met. This has also made the fame of this archipelago. A person's banking data or personal information can only be disclosed by court order.


    However, the opening of a bank account in Seychelles requires more formalities than the creation of an offshore company. Indeed, the person who wishes to have an offshore account must prove the identity of the final beneficiaries of the company. This provision allows the banker to determine exactly where the funds come from. This measure was taken to combat money laundering more effectively. During the'opening a bank account in Seychelles, the bank sends account confirmation documents, as well as access codes of the account online and those of the cards.


    Required documents

    The opening of a professional bank account in Seychelles requires in practice the presentation of an identity document of the director (passport or identity card) and proof of address. In addition, the statutes of the company, as well as the certificate of incorporation and a proof of domiciliation will be requested.

    Bank account company in Seychelles

    Open a bank account for your business in Seychelles

    • Bank account company
    • Bank Card Visa or Mastercard
    • E Banking
    • Open account remotely
    Corporate Accounting Service in Seychelles

    Corporate Accounting in Seychelles

    Company Accounting in Seychelles

    Fidulink offers its clients a business accounting service in the Seychelles, real day-to-day support from an expert in French-speaking cost accounting in the Seychelles in Victoria. Companies in Seychelles are required to keep up-to-date accounts throughout their existence. 


    Accounting and Company Analysis in Seychelles

    Our firm offers its clients to keep their business accounts in the Seychelles up to date, with the advantage of having a French-speaking accountant at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. 

    A daily accounting service for your business in Seychelles

    Because we know well that it is important to have a business accounting followed on a daily basis our accounting department offers a complete formula of company accounting in Seychelles for companies of all sizes and all activities. 


    Tax exemption & Corporate tax optimization in Seychelles

    Fidulink offers a complete corporate tax exemption service in the Seychelles but also a complete tax optimization formula for the entrepreneur and business based in the Seychelles.

    Accounting company in Seychelles

    Accounting service for your business in Seychelles

    • declarations
    • Bookkeeping
    • Balance Sheet Edition
    • Accounting analysis






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