User Charter

The FiduLink community charter

FIDULINK I The 10 principles of the Charter

Quality, security, fraud: the list below is not exhaustive, but includes certain principles that may lead to (temporary) suspension or (permanent) deactivation of your FIDU account.LINK and services. 


1 - Never provide Illegal products or services with a Company creating or using the services of 

2 - Remain professional and courteous in all circumstances with FIDU AgentsLINK

3 - Never let another person use your FIDU accountLINK or MY OFFICE to connect to the network

4 - Never use the services of FIDULINK for a company other than the one registered with the FIDU servicesLINK

5 - Never start the activity of the company without having received the official documents or activation of the services from FIDULINK

6 - Provide within 48 hours all professional or personal documents that FIDULINK might ask you

7 - Renew your company or services at most 1 month before the end of FIDU servicesLINK

8 - Never provide a document that has been the subject of any retouching of any kind

9 - Never change contact details (address, telephone, etc.) without informing

10 - Never use the services or products of to set up or establish tax, administrative, financial fraud, etc.

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