Our entire FIDULINK team supports you in the creation of a company in Spain, the creation of a branch in Spain, the creation of a subsidiary in Spain, the opening of a business bank account in Spain, the accounting of your company in Spain, the domiciliation in Spain.

The Company Incorporation in Spain pack includes: the creation of your company in Spain with the drafting of deeds, the domiciliation in Spain without sending back mail, the banking introduction in Spain and the online solution for managing your company in Spain MYOFFICE for efficient and rapid management.

You will find in this page, the information to know about the Spanish company and its services as well as the Jurisdiction SPAIN. 

The Spanish Jurisdiction has common borders with many countries. Indeed, its immediate neighbors are France, Portugal and Andorra. Its proximity to the Mediterranean gives it easier access to the North of the African continent. Finally, with more 500 000 square kilometers, Spain, after France, is the largest country in Western Europe. In most of Spain, the official language remains Castilian.

Spain is characterized by the development of the tertiary sector in the country. As a member of the European Union, the Spanish jurisdiction benefits from funding from European entrepreneurial policies. Finally, Spain remains a jurisdiction of first choice for those seeking to create a company in Spain, create a company branch in Spain, create a company subsidiary in Spain.

Fidulink and its agents, lawyers, lawyers and accountants are at your disposal in Spain in Barcelona for all requests for the creation of companies in Spain. 



Taxation Companies Spain

Taxation of companies in Spain

Spain's tax system is different from its other European neighbors. Indeed, its tax system is among the most flexible, and the most incentive for entrepreneurs who want to establish a company, branch, subsidiary in Spain Barcelona or Madrid. In concrete terms, the tax system does not provide for companies in Spain to pay several taxes, such as the business tax and the apprenticeship tax. Finally, two options are possible for the refund of VAT: monthly or quarterly repayment. Accounting agents, lawyers and lawyers Fidulink are at your disposal for any request concerning the creation or management of companies in Spain.

In addition, the Corporate Tax in Spain is capped at 25% for a turnover below 8 million, and there is no Annual Fixed Taxation. 

A question about corporate taxation in Spain? Our specialist tax lawyers in Spain are at your disposal for any request. Fidulink offers real daily online support to its customers with Messaging MY OFFICE. 


Create Spain company?

Creation Spanish company?

It goes without saying that the flexibility of Spanish business taxation remains the first reason for the creation of a company in Spain, creation of a company branch in Spain, creation of a company subsidiary in Spain. In practice, fewer taxes to pay means less expenses, and more benefits for the company in Spain.

Then, the creation of society in Spain is also facilitated. In fact, when a company is created in Spain, the shareholder can be a natural person or a legal person. If the company in Spain adopts the status of public limited company in Spain, the possibility of a sole shareholder is legally allowed.

On the side of social charges, an employer in Spain will only have to pay 30,6% of an employee's salary as social security contributions in Spain.

Finally, Spain is the gateway par excellence to Latin America. Concretely, establish a company in Spain will be more likely to find customers in the large market in Central and South America.


Create my company in Spain

Company in Spain?

The statutes of possible companies in Spain

Setting up shop in Spain gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose among several statuses when they set up their company in Spain. The first option, certainly the most popular, is the limited liability company. It is particularly suitable for immigrant companies wishing to settle on Spanish soil. Otherwise, other alternatives may be adopted, the general partnership or joint stock company. It is also possible to just implant a subsidiary.

Obviously, whatever the chosen status, the setting up of a company in Spain follows a well-defined procedure. You must first ask for an identification number as soon as possible, as issuing this number takes time. In addition, many professionals offer their services for the creation of companies Spainas well as for the management of these. Thus, the entrepreneur does not need to go to Spain for the administration and for the setting up of his company, in this case.


Customer service at your disposal for any request related to your project of company creation in Spain, company branch in Spain, company subsidiary in Spain. Our lawyers, lawyers and accountants are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 19: 00 and 24 / 24 by email


    Creation & Management Companies Spain

    Bank Account Company

    Introduction is opening your company's bank account in Spain with or without moving

    Business Virtual Office

    Your virtual company office in Spain in Barcelona prestige address and local phone number

    Subsidiary or Branch

    Creation of your company subsidiary in Spain or company branch in Spain with bank account in 72 h

    TPE or TPV

    Opening a physical or web trading bank account with your company in Spain

    Onshore / Offshore

    Onshore / Offshore Company Assembly Specialist Worldwide

    Accounting company in Spain

    Accounting and Analytical Accounting of your company in Spain



    Spain company bank account

    Spain remains a recent market. Its proximity to Africa represents an excellent opportunity in terms of outsourcing. In addition, the good reputation of the Spanish banking sector encourages favoring Spain as a business jurisdiction. You can make a request to Fidu agents, accountants lawyerslink your request to open a company bank account in Spain, Open a company subsidiary bank account in Spain, Open a company branch bank account in Spain.

    Particularities of the banking sector in Spain

    The Spanish authorities have developed a specific legal framework that allows workers to carry out their professional occupations in peace. This confidentiality remains highly appreciated by investors who wish to set up a company in Spain, Constitution of a company branch in Spain, Constitution of a company subsidiary in Spain.

    Open a bank account in Spain 

    The possession of a bank account company in Spain is unavoidable in the exercise of an activity in this jurisdiction. The opening of a company account in Spain gives access to several services and benefits for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain:

    • First, the bank account in Spain is a multi-currency account. Withdrawals can be done with international Visa or Mastercard cards.
    • Second, the bank account can be accessed via the Internet to avoid displacement.
    • Finally, the opening of the account does not require the physical presence of the contractor.

    Opening a bank account in Spain: the documents to provide

    Although opening a company bank account in Spain does not require the physical presence of the entrepreneur, he will be asked to provide a copy of an ID or passport, a proof of address. Since the company is a legal person, the presentation of a business plan is required.

    It should be noted that any citizen of the European Union can request the opening of a remote bank account.

    Bank account company in Spain

    Open a company bank account in Spain

    • Bank account company
    • Bank Card Visa or Mastercard
    • E Banking
    • Open account remotely
    Company Accounting Service in Spain

    Accounting Company Spain

    Accounting company Spain

    Fidulink offers its clients an online management service for the accounts of their companies in Spain, online management of company branch accounts in Spain, online management of company subsidiary accounts in Spain, real expert support of accounting in Spain in Barcelona. Companies in Spain must keep up-to-date accounts throughout their existence. 


    Company Accounting in Spain

    Our firm offers its clients to keep their business accounts up to date in Barcelona, ​​Spain, with the advantage of having an accountant at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm. Our accountants specializing in the creation and management of companies in Spain are also at your disposal 24/24 by email or with your messaging system MY OFFICE.


    Accounting company Spain

    Because we know well that it is important to have a business accounting followed on a daily basis our accounting department offers a complete formula of company accounting in Spain, company branch in Spain but also company subsidiary in Spain for companies of all sizes and all activities. 


    Tax exemption & business relocation in Spain

    Fidulink offers a complete tax exemption and business relocation service in Spain but also a complete formula for optimizing the taxation of your business in Spain, Company branch in Spain or Company subsidiary in Spain.


    Corporate Accounting Service in Spain

    • declarations
    • Bookkeeping
    • Balance Sheet Edition
    • Accounting analysis
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