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Yacht registration


As part of our Yacht and Boat registration service in Europe and worldwide, our company offers its customers the registration of boats and yachts in the most suitable jurisdictions.

The registration of your boat or yacht in the jurisdictions where it is possible to obtain the registration of your boat or yacht quickly and at a lower rate.

We can, on request, carry out for you a study of the jurisdiction most adapted to your project and the registration of your boat or yacht. This study will formulate the advantages and the conditions relating to the registration of your boat or yacht in the most interesting jurisdiction and the most adapted to your project.

The purchase of a boat or fleet remains substantially taxed at present. The owners of these vessels can significantly reduce these costs by registering their vessels in a jurisdiction to adapt. Such locations allow registration to be made which reduces tax obligations in relation to the use of its fleet.

Why register your fleet of vessels in certain jurisdictions?

Like a company, fleets registered in a jurisdiction are not taxable in that jurisdiction. In other words, all revenues generated by the operation of the vessels will be exempt from taxes. Other amenities are available to purchasers and boat owners in these jurisdictions. Thus, at the time of the purchase of the boat and its annual renewal, the taxes levied are at more accessible rates. In addition, all capital gains on the resale of the boat or yacht or its fleet are exempt from taxes. Lastly, since they are courts, the owners of the ships registered there remain anonymous. It should be noted that the transfer of ownership for these vessels is facilitated.

How to register your fleet?

Today, you will easily find professionals who will take care of the procedure of registration of your fleet of boat or yacht. Indeed, most sites specializing in setting up companies offer this service. This service may include, in addition to the registration procedures, the insurance of your boat or yacht. Our offer is very specific and effective in this area.

What papers are required when registering the fleet or a boat or yacht?

Owners of vessels over 7,5 m will need to provide documentation when registering their fleet. The file usually includes a bill of sale, a proof of ownership, a certificate of conformity, a certificate of cancellation (for those already registered in another country), a request for final registration if the registration of the vessel is permanent . A certificate of expertise or another on Tonnage may also be required.

Some special jurisdictions to register your fleet

Currently, Seychelles and the British Virgin Islands are among the offshore jurisdictions where ship registration is the most advantageous. As Seychelles is a member of several international organizations, ships flying the Seychelles flag enjoy a warm welcome in all countries. The fleets of British ships, for their part, enjoy certain tax advantages when they are registered. In addition, these fleets are under the protection of the British naval force. Finally, British navigation privileges apply to fleets registered in the British Virgin Islands.

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